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Motorcycle Vest with Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire)

We are really excited to offer this New and Very Cool product!

The creation of this unique product is a very technically complicated procedure . . .
First, the vest or jacket is almost completely disassembled by unstitching the seams.
The EL Wire is then carefully laid out along the seams and temporally held in place.
The EL Wire is soldered to hidden internal connecting wires and the electronic Control Unit.
The Control Unit is located inside a special pocket allowing the wearer access to its many functions.
The completed unit is then thoroughly tested for full functionality.
The vest or jacket is then professionally sewn back together with the EL Wire and Control Unit now integrated into the final product.

As you can see, lot of work goes into the creation of these Electrified Jackets & Vests. The results are absolutely spectacular.
You be the judge by viewing the short video below.

Click on the movie player to start and stop.

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